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Treetop Camping: north Georgia mountain getaways - or at your site

2 p.m. till 11 a.m. the next morning

Meals included

This can be
a spiritual
or just a
fun mountain
in the north
Georgia forests.

All treetop camping is done by appointment only. Call 706-778-8847 or email us for price information and to book your date.

How about a camp site up in a beautiful tree? Spending the night in the trees is a unique way of camping in north Georgia. It's an all inclusive vacation, a vacation package that begins with an afternoon introduction to climbing. Usually scheduled as a weekend getaway, treetop camping may also be done as a spring break vacation or during the week. 

We have dinner on the ground, then go aloft into our tree boats.

These are stable four-cornered canvas hammocks, already in place. What a camp site!

north georgia mountain getaway in the treetops
Enjoying a north Georgia mountain getaway in the treetops. What a camp site!

For safety, each climber stays attached to a harness and climbing rope throughout the experience. We spend a peaceful night cradled in the arms of a tree. The next morning, we enjoy a continental breakfast in the trees. Then there's a chance for more climbing. The period from dusk until dawn moves us into tree time. This is an unforgettable experience.

For more information or to reserve a date for treetop camping, call us at (706) 778-8847 or email.



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