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Tree Climbing Safety There have been no known  fatalities or major injuries from recreational tree climbing.

Let's keep it that way!

We never use tree climbing spikes, which can injure trees. We protect the safety of the trees as well as of the climbers.

Every climb is done with the safety of a rope and harness. Climbers are tied in at all times. 

The climbing technique used is often referred to as "double rope technique" (DRT.) This uses a self-belay friction knot. This special knot allows you to do three important things. It allows you to move up the rope, also move down the rope. And when you let go, it automatically locks in place so you can relax and take in the view. This is a neat climbing system.

Climbing trees are selected for safety. Each tree is carefully inspected. An important factor in safe tree climbing is the training, safety awareness, and experience of the climbing staff. Dancing With Trees founder and owner Genevieve Summers has been formally trained in this work since 1992. 

She received her certification from Peter Jenkins, founder of Tree Climbers International. She helped develop the training standards with Tree Climbers International, and continues to be involved in curriculum development. She is fully qualified to teach not only the Basic Tree Climbing Course, but also advanced courses like the Tree Climbing Facilitator Training Course, training other adults to lead group tree climbs. Most  Dancing With Trees programs use the Double Rope Technique (DRT), but Genevieve is also trained to teach Single Rope Technique (SRT) as well as Rescue Techniques.

tree climbing safety with double ropes and harness, with certified instruction from Dancing With Trees
a mother and son climb, at the Dancing With Trees climbing school in north Georgia, USA

Dancing With Trees, LLC is a tree climbing school based in north Georgia, with outdoor adventures and outdoor vacations available anywhere there are trees to climb.
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