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Quotations and Poems about Trees

Suggestions welcome:
Do you have a favorite quotation about trees? Poems about trees? A book about trees you'd like to recommend to others? Please email me your suggestions. Let me know the source of the quotation, and whether or not you'd like credit for recommending it.

"Like the trees, we are visitors, guests of earth. The light shines down, and a bud breaks, branches give way before us, a book's leaves open, and our eyes look, look again. We are a grove, companions spared to be on earth at the same time. The trees - though not our kind - are kin, elder relatives standing to greet us."
Kim Stafford, from "Tree of All Trees" in Entering the Grove.

"If you just put people in motion, they'll heal themselves."
Gabrielle Roth

When I found trees, the trees found me.  Im home.  Ive found my passion.  We are two authentic beings playing joyfully together, supporting one another.  When I am in the trees I am always in the present.  Come join me, dance with me in the trees! Genevieve

"If you are missing out on the natural joy and wisdom of life, it is because you have been taught to ignore it....Reconnecting with nature consists of bringing into your consciousness a sensory way of thinking and relating with which you are born."
Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D
Reconnecting with Nature

Let's go tree climbing!

"Our very next breath is dependent on trees. With that in heart, let's go tree climbing." Genevieve

"Tree climbing is a way of celebrating our connection with the Universe. This climbing dance with the trees is done with ropes and harnesses. We explore new heights and sights safely and exhilaratingly. See you in the trees!" Genevieve"

"May the trees continue to thrive and flourish on this earth, filling our hearts with joy and inspiration."
Stephanie Kaza

"Not everyone wants to climb Mount Everest, but almost everybody can ascend with ropes and harness and experience in new ways our life-giving exchanges with trees and the natural world."

Please send your quotations and poems to us!

Dancing With Trees, LLC is a tree climbing school based in north Georgia, with outdoor adventures and outdoor vacations available anywhere there are trees to climb.
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