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Programs available:
Genevieve will work with you to design a program that meets your specific needs and resources. All programs include equipment. Rates vary according to size of group, instruction desired, and location. Dates are arranged by appointment.

Minimum age for participating is 4. No upper limit! (Our oldest climber so far was 81 when she started.) Climbing can be made accessible for most people with disabilities, too.
tree climbing for children as well as adults No experience or exceptional strength is necessary, just a desire to be with the trees and to have fun.

Each event opens and closes with a ceremonial circle. We start with introductions, taking time to acknowledge how vital trees are to our lives,. We do warm-up stretches, then a demonstration of climbing techniques, one on one instruction, and on into the trees!

Note that with rare exceptions, programs are scheduled by appointment. To inquire about prices and to arrange a date for a program, call 706-778-8847 or email us.

Dancing With Trees is based in northeast Georgia, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. However, programs may be arranged anywhere in the world. For more information (including prices) or to arrange a program, email  or call 706-778-8847.

Note that programs divide into two basic categories: adventures, and courses.

Tree Climbing Adventures

 Tree climbing adventures get you up into the trees safely. Our goals are to provide for your safety, enjoyment, and deep experiencing of the trees. Fun is a major goal, too. Your guide takes care of all the preparation and equipment. You can just enjoy the fun and adventure.

Tree Climbing Courses

Courses are fun too, but they're focused on knowledge and skills. Courses are more physically demanding than adventures. So to take a course, you'll need to have a moderate level of fitness and stamina - so you can enjoy a full day of physical activity.

The Basic Tree Climbing Course teaches the skills needed to climb trees safely on your own, without a guide. After completing this Basic Course, you may go on to learn Single Rope Technique (SRT) for climbing high trees. Or you can apply to take the Facilitator Course to learn to lead introductory climbs for groups.

Tree Climbing Adventures:
Introductory Climbs - including children's and adult parties, school and and camp activities, community festivals, business retreats - building self esteem and teamwork while having great fun

Guided Climbs - or one or two people, for half a day - a safe, thrilling experience with no prior experience needed - for adults and teens.

Treetop Camping - north Georgia mountain getaways, or camping in a tree at your own site.

Girl Scout Tree Climbing Badge - for Cadettes, Seniors, and bridging Junior Girl Scouts.

Adventure Travel Expeditions - women's and coed adventure travel, climbing giant sequoias, and more - sign up for information on next expedition

Tree Climbing Courses:
Basic Tree Climbing Course - safe climbing techniques, equipment, gear, knots, tree selection and care.

Tree Climbing Facilitator Training Course - for camp and school programs, outdoor research, outdoor job training.

Single Rope Technique (SRT) Course: A new course in Single Rope Technique (SRT)  is recommended for anyone wanting to climb trees over 100 feet high. This technique is useful for tree canopy research as well as for expeditions and recreational climbing. The Basic Tree Climbing Course must be completed before the SRT Course.

Tree Climbing for Outdoor Research:
training and rope setting, or expert tree climbing done for your tree canopy research project. (Email us with your needs.)
Dancing With Trees, LLC is a tree climbing school based in north Georgia, with outdoor adventures and outdoor vacations available anywhere there are trees to climb.
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