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News from Dancing With Trees:

  • New York Times article on recreational tree climbing was published January 7, 2005. Yes, Dancing With Trees is listed as a resource! To read the article, you'll need to register at the New York Times site, but this is free.
  • New article on Genevieve by Tim Anderson, published in the Herald-Leader at Fitzgerald, GA.
  • Backpacker Magazine has just published a new article about climbing with Genevieve at the Dancing With Trees School in north Georgia. If you don't subscribe, keep an eye out for the September issue.
  • Recreational Tree Climbing Rendezvous was held September 22-26, 2004 in Fontanelle, Nebraska. Genevieve taught the Instructors' Course there with Peter Jenkins. Peter is our esteemed founder of recreational tree climbing.
  • Last Facilitator Course started October 12, 2004. You can apply for another course using our Online application - or call Genevieve at 706-778-8847.
  • Outside Magazine's Family Traveler Edition 2003  includes a photo and article on Dancing With Trees. The caption is incorrect. The two children pictured are brother and sister, Chris and Sarah. The photo was one of several taken during one of several  family climbs at Dancing With Trees in Alto, Georgia.
  • Jill Reynolds came from Colorado to take the Basic Tree Climbing Course at Dancing With Trees in Alto, northeast Georgia. After her return home, The Coloradoan published an article about tree climbing and her activities.articlearticlean article about tree climbing

  • Marge Felder is now oldest recreational tree climber at Dancing With Trees, after introductory birthday climb at age 81.  Full story.

  • Climbers come from Austin, Texas for basic tree climbing course at Dancing With Trees. (Story below.)

  • Smithsonian article on recreational tree climbing, in April, 2002 issue

  • Article on Genevieve in the November, 2001 issue of Sports Illustrated for Women

"Tree climbing is a way of celebrating our connection with the Universe."
Genevieve Summers

Climbers come from Austin, Texas to learn tree climbing at Dancing With Trees school in north Georgia.

Ben Samuelson, 14 and Carlene South, camp counselor, flew from Austin to north Georgia in April to take the Basic Tree Climbing Course  Ben and Carlene have been friends for years but although Ben has been in a number of classes at camp with counselor Carlene and she is a long time family friend, neither knew the other was interested in recreational tree climbing.

tree climbing as a north georgia vacation getaway that can lead to training for outdoor education jobs and more
When Ben wanted to know more about climbing he launched a search for knowledge about it. He read books, he went on the internet, he searched for places to get equipment. He came up with rock climbing gear and outfitted himself to climb his own trees. Carlene had climbed earlier with Peter Jenkins, the founder of recreational tree climbing in the US. Both Ben and Carlene are wildly enthusiastic about this new sport.

In Georgia, Ben found that it was much easier to climb with ropes and harnesses designed for tree climbing. He enjoyed learning double rope climbing and learned a lot of techniques that provide for safety in the trees. Aloft, he walked on the branches, turned himself upside down in the traditional "bat hang" and enjoyed a tree swing. The pendulum swing traversed about fifty feet at a height of 30 feet. What he enjoyed most was going from tree to tree without returning to the ground. He said, "You’re always moving in the trees, moving within the movement of the trees." Both he and Carlene sense the interaction, the life-giving exchanges between persons and trees.

Carlene said, "Setting a personal challenge for yourself builds your confidence. Its exhilarating, but completely safe." She was thrilled to be able to transfer from a maple to a white oak without coming down to the ground. Genevieve is happy to welcome her to the growing numbers of women tree climbers.

In addition to the Basic Tree Climbing Course Genevieve taught both Ben and Carlene single rope technique, a method of climbing that uses mechanical ascenders and a mechanical device with which to descend. With this technique, Ben went to the summit (125 ft) of an old growth tulip popular and did a 100 foot rappel to the ground.

Both climbers want to keep their momentum going. They are considering bringing Genevieve to Austin to teach her Facilitator Course so they can eventually run groups of their own. Genevieve says Ben and Carlene work together well and make a wonderful team.


March 2002 Smithsonian article

See the March 2002 issue of  Smithsonian magazine for an article and link about recreational tree climbing including Genevieve's latest Sequoia climb.

November 2001 article in Sports Illustrated for Women

See the November, 2001 issue of Sports Illustrated for Women to read on p. 51 about Genevieve Summers and Dancing With Trees.

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