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Tree Climbing Equipment Suppliers, Gear, Climbing Harnesses and Ropes, Climbing Aids: 
New Tribe 

Articles about Genevieve Summers and Dancing With Trees:

Dancing With Trees is listed among the resources at the end of this January 7, 2005 article in the New York Times.

Outside Magazine

Expedition to the Stagg giant sequoia tree, 2000, on Tree Climbing Word website, story and more pictures

A tree climbing journal by Butch Howard, who took the Basic Tree Climbing Course after participating in Girl Scout father-daughter climbs with Genevieve.

Jill Reynolds came from Colorado to take the Basic Tree Climbing Course at Dancing With Trees in Alto, northeast Georgia. After her return home, The Coloradoan published an article about tree climbing and her activities.cle

Tree Climbing:

Tree Climbers International

Tree Climbing USA 

Tree Climbing Japan

UK: books on trees, gallery of tree photos, forum, and more:

Treefinders by Sage Press, publishers of books about trees.

Tree Information, Pictures of Trees:

Venerable Trees of the World

Saving Trees and the Environment:

Circle of Life Foundation (founded by Julia Butterfly)

Exploring the Tree Canopy:

Smithsonian article: "Trekking the Treetops" by Terry Dunn

Artwork Celebrating Trees and More -

Wood Art - Gifts Made from Wood by woodturner Marge Felder. Marge turns native and exotic woods to make beautiful wood art - perfume bottles, Christmas tree ornaments, and many small gift items.

Marge's site was designed by my web designer, Catherine Jo Morgan.

In addition to making websites, Catherine Jo Morgan is a tree lover. A shamanic artist and writer, she gathers energies from wild nature and brings them back to our civilization. She specializes in iron and mixed media bowl sculptures. If you're interested in artistic process, you'll probably like her artist journal, Hand Forged Iron Vessels.

Other Outdoor Adventures: Ann Linnea

Ceremonial Circles and Team Building: Peer Spirit

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