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Introductory Tree Climbing

Age range:
4 to ?

Small group:
up to 24 climbers

Large group:
up to 50 climbers

A safe staff to climber ratio is always maintained.

Introductory climbs are scheduled by appointment. Phone 706-778-8847 or email to inquire about prices and to arrange a date.

building children's self esteem while having safe and thrilling funIntroductory climbs provide the opportunity to adventure into the trees safely, with no previous training. Each person explores a tree with the safety of a rope and harness. Climbers are safely tied in at all times.

Consider tree climbing as a party idea. Participants may be as young as four, so a group tree climb can make a very special birthday party. 

Recently they've become a favorite family reunion activity as well.

This is also a special team building opportunity for a camp, school, retreat group, women's group, business conference or therapeutic program. Corporate team building can soar in the trees! 

Group climbs create a memorable community spirit. Both teamwork and individual self esteem rise as we climb. This is a great way to build children's self esteem while having fun. Tree climbing boosts self esteem in adults too. It's a unique addition to a staff retreat or conference. And introductory tree climbing events can offer accessible recreation for most people with disabilities.

Introductory tree climbing is also a popular attraction at community events.

As you can imagine, dates are booked far in advance. Please email or call 706-778-8847 right away, to arrange the program you want. These climbs are scheduled by appointment only.

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