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The Girl Scout Badge

Girl Scout badge in tree climbing

This is a Girl Scout badge about tree climbing! It's for Cadette Girl Scouts, also a Junior Girl Scout badge for bridging Junior Girl Scouts.

This is an overnight program. In the evening, we begin with two hours of tree stories, knot tying, and games. The next day, we learn tree climbing, tree care, and tree identification. 

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Our solo and group activities will deepen our awareness of the trees, ourselves, and the world around us. You will carry this experience with you in the journaling and artwork we do.


Some quotes from participants:

"I learned how to push myself and do something I normally wouldn't do.  I also learned that if you can dream it, you can do it!"
"I could go up pretty high and be o.k."
"Really fun!  It feels great to know that you could tie a knot and could save your life."
"Definitely the best.  This is an experience I won't be forgetting."online climbing journal

You might also like to read the online climbing journal of Butch Howard,  who started recreational tree climbing in Girl Scout father-daughter climbs at Dancing With Trees.

Please call (706) 778-8847 for custom programming to meet your needs.

For Cadette Girl Scouts, Senior Girl Scouts, and bridging Junior Girl Scouts 

Maximum number: 30

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