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About Genevieve Summers:

"Tree climbing is a way of celebrating our connection with the Universe. This climbing dance is done with ropes and harnesses. We explore new heights and sights safely and exhilaratingly. See you in the trees!"
Genevieve Summers


Genevieve has put thousands of adults and children up into the trees, for awesome views and a whole new way to experience the world.

Almost all Dancing With Trees programs are scheduled by appointment. Phone 706-778-8847 or email to inquire about prices and to book program dates. Gift certificates are also available.

Genevieve Summers traversing between 2 oak trees
Photo by Marge Felder
Founder and owner of Dancing With Trees, Genevieve Summers has been climbing trees all her life and began climbing with ropes in 1991. 
She received her certification from Peter Jenkins, founder of Tree Climbers International.
She is one of only a handful of professionally trained recreational tree climbers in the United States.

She has climbed in the giant sequoias of California, the old growth conifers in the Pacific Northwest, and hundreds of hardwoods in the southeast. The documentary film "Tickle the Sky" shows her climbing a giant sequoia, the fifth largest living tree on earth. 

She has also been featured on NBC Today and in Disney Adventures Magazine, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Outside Magazine, Southern Living, Women's Sports and Fitness, and Sports Illustrated for Women. Most recently, she is featured in Smithsonian Magazine,

The mother of two sons, Genevieve has lived  in the woods of north Georgia, USA, in the Golden Hills community for over twenty years. Son Silvan Erb-Summers is beginning a career as an art teacher, while Yoric Erb-Summers is studying astronomy. Both young men are skilled and enthusiastic tree climbers, trained to lead group climbs. Silvan is now a Senior Instructor, certified to teach the Basic Tree Climbing Course and lead tree climbing adventures.

Genevieve says
When I found trees, the trees found me.  Im home.  Ive found my passion.  We are two authentic beings playing joyfully together, supporting one another.  When I am in the trees I am always in the present.  Come join me, dance with me in the trees!

Dancing With Trees, LLC is a tree climbing school based in north Georgia, with outdoor adventures and outdoor vacations available anywhere there are trees to climb.
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