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 DRT Facilitator Training Course Outline

Phase One starts
with a 4- day course.

 One prerequisite is the
2-day Basic Tree Climbing Course.
lasts 6 to
18 months.

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Phase One:

1) Select a safe tree to be used in the course.
2) Complete the application process for trainees.
3) Begin the four days of training as follows:

Day 1:

  • Review and practice basic tree climbing skills..
  • Learn a secondary safety system using a separate rope. This is for positioning and safety while rigging ropes for group climbs.
  • Learn both vocal and physical rescue techniques.

Day 2:

  • Learn to rig a tree for climbing experiences. Learn where to hang the ropes to position them, and how to create a safe climbing site.
  • Learn distinctions among high, low, group, and individual climbs.
  • Learn key factors: height, positioning, and how to choose the best and safest branches.

Day 3:

  • Practice teaching sessions.
  • Practice managing a climbing event.
  • Learn how to teach kids to climb up and down the rope safely.
  • Learn use of supportive language.
  • Learn to facilitate activities in the tree such as the "bat hang" and "branch walking."
  • Make rescue scenarios.

In the morning, observe instructor run a group climb for six first time climbers. Debrief.

In the afternoon, trainees rig a tree and run a second group climb for first time climbers. Each pair of trainees leads six  climbers. Debrief. Make any needed changes.

Day 4:

In the morning, trainees rig a tree and run a second group climb for different first time climbers. Again the ratio is six climbers for each pair of trainees.

In the afternoon, we work on whatever trainees need.

Phase Two: Facilitator Course Follow up Requirements:

1. Complete the requirements within 18 months.

2. Keep accurate records.  Maintain a personal climbing log, group climbing log, rope log, incident/accident report, and a tree inspection form from a certified arborist for designated group climbing tree.

3. As a Level 1 Facilitator during this internship period, you may conduct Fixed Climbs with no more than three climbers per facilitator.

4. Maintain liability insurance. 

5. Maintain current CPR and First Aid certification.

6. Complete 25 personal climbs.

7. Lead a minimum of 10 group climbs

8. Instruct a minimum of 75 first-time climbers on how to climb up the rope and rappel down.
9. Practice Rescue every six months.
10. Final evaluation includes:
a) Conduct a group climb at the Instructor’s site, or send a video of yourself conducting a climb at your site. 
b) Send a copy of all your logs and records to your instructor for review.

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