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Tree Climbing Facilitator Course

This starts
with a 4- day course. One prerequisite is the Basic Tree Climbing Course.
lasts 6 to
18 months.

For price information and an application, call 706-778-8847 or email Genevieve.

Or apply online.

Next class: Oct. 20-23, 2005


Apply to become a trained tree climbing group leader. This course is held periodically at Dancing With Trees School in north Georgia, and can also be scheduled for two or more people at your location. Call Genevieve at 706-778-8847 or apply online.
The Tree Climbing Facilitator Course is for adults who want to establish their own tree climbing program. Such a program provides tree climbing fun while building self esteem in children and adults. A tree climbing program also naturally includes team building games for kids and adults. And of course it's a wonderful aid to outdoor research and environmental education programs.

This course is also good preparation for outdoor education jobs, environmental education jobs, and conservation jobs, and other cool outdoor jobs.

training for environmental education jobs and other cool outdoor jobs

The course is actually a six to eighteen month apprenticeship, beginning with four days of intensive training at your site or at the Dancing With Trees school in north Georgia. The Basic Tree Climbing Course is a prerequisite.

This is excellent preparation for many outdoor jobs:

  • outdoor education jobs
  • environmental education jobs
  • conservation jobs
  • environmental outdoor jobs
  • therapeutic recreation
  • wilderness camps for troubled teenagers
  • environmental education
  • tree care
  • outdoor research
  • camp counselor

Learn to lead safe, fun filled and exciting climbs:

You'll learn how to select safe trees for group climbs. You'll learn how to rig multiple settings in a tree. And you'll receive extensive coaching in how to conduct safe, exciting and fun filled pre-set climbs for groups. These group climbs build self esteem in children and adults. They also have a natural team building effect.

This course is always given to at least two adults at a time. This creates a buddy system, an important safety factor. Several pairs can do the course at once.

Note that this course teaches how to lead introductory climbs on fixed ropes. To learn to teach basic tree climbing (moving ropes from limb to limb), or to lead more advanced climbs, requires the Instructor Course.

Tree climbing equipment and gear

All rope, tree climbing harnesses, carabiners, gripper gloves and other tree climbing equipment are provided. If you want to buy tree climbing gear for your program, this can also be arranged.


  • Age: At least one of the two trainees must be at least 21 years old. The other must be at least 18.
  • Physical condition: Both trainees must be in good physical condition.
  • Enjoy heights
  • Have an adeptness for teaching
  • Provide certification for CPR and basic first aid courses.
  • Complete a written application form and a telephone interview.

Selecting a safe tree to climb at your site.

  • The tree to be climbed must be approved by an arborist certified by the International Society of Arborists (ISA), the Dancing With Trees instructor, and a decision maker from your facility.
  • Or have the training at the Dancing With Trees school where a safe tree is already approved.

Outline for Facilitator Training Course

Follow up Requirements

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