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See the March 2002 issue of  Smithsonian magazine for an article and linksabout recreational tree climbing including Genevieve's latest Sequoia climb.

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We also welcome suggestions for exciting trees to climb.

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tree climbing expedition at giant sequoia tree in California
Climbers at base of the Stagg tree, a 243' high giant sequoia in California, fifth largest living tree in the world. Year 2000, Genevieve at left.
Enjoy these pictures of past climbing vacations at the Stagg giant sequoia tree in a private grove in California. So far, Genevieve has traveled to California three times to lead climbs or participate in peer expeditions.

Sleeping high inside this tree makes for an unforgettable experience – not to mention the views.

What a vacation package! These all inclusive vacations are great fun, great sport - and spiritual vacations as well. Some tree climbing expeditions are coed. Others are specifically for women’s adventure travel. Many draw international participants. Do email Genevieve to let her know your interests and needs. You might help shape the next tree climbing expedition.

adventure travel upwards into a giant sequoia tree picture of tree climbing adventure in giant sequoia tree Click on a photo at left to see it larger.
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