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81-year-old enjoys first climb at
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"Tree climbing is a way of celebrating our connection with the Universe."
Genevieve Summers

Marge Felder oldest recreational tree climber at age 81 at Dancing With Trees school in north georgia mountains Here's Marge Felder starting off her 82nd year with a relaxing picnic in a tree boat. She brought her cell phone and her Handspring Visor with its folding keyboard, along with lunch and a pack of playing cards. Now Marge is the oldest person to climb with Dancing With Trees...so far.

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photo of Marge Felder by Genevieve Summers    
Marge Felder, a therapist, woodturner and communications consultant in Clarkesville, GA, celebrated her 81st birthday in April.. She received an Introductory Tree Climb as a birthday present. From time to time, she has worked as a communications consultant with Genevieve Summers, owner of Dancing With Trees.  Together they have developed the basic written materials of this organization - flyers, brochures, letters to customers, contracts, a certificate - whatever was needed. In April, Genevieve decided it was time for Marge to find out what Dancing With Trees is really about.

Marge arrived bright and early at Dancing With Trees the morning she was to receive her gift. In her backpack she had their lunch (tuna sandwiches, jello with cottage cheese and chopped almonds, chocolate pudding), her Handspring Visor Prism complete with folding keyboard, two cameras, and a cell phone. She wanted to bring Little Bear (a stuffed, talking, toy bear like the storybook character) so she could tell her granddaughter, Tanya, how Little Bear liked being in the trees. Unfortunately, Little Bear was visiting elsewhere at the time.

Using ropes and saddle, Marge ascended a huge white oak with Genevieve’s skillful help and climbed into a tree boat, a four-cornered canvas hammock used regularly for overnights in the trees. The trees had just leafed out; soft, pliable leaves covered the trees in every direction. At one point when Genevieve was on the ground, Marge was alone with the trees. The whole green world aloft was quiet, profound; nourishing. A line from the Psalms came to her: "He restoreth my soul.".

When Genevieve returned they took pictures, with Genevieve flitting from branch to branch for different shots, her guest staying in the tree boat. With a cell phone they called some mutual friends who were greatly surprised that Marge was in the trees! Marge made some notes on her hand held computer about future materials. They considered playing cards, but suddenly both of them were ravenous so they ate their lunch with gusto

After lunch, it was time to descend. Coming down was a lot faster than going up and a lot easier. The whole adventure was an exciting, renewing experience. Marge said, "I am sure if Little Bear had been here, he'd have said, "You always make me happy!" and "This is a very good day!"

When Marge isn't working with clients or trying a new adventure like recreational tree climbing, she's usually found in her woodworking shop. The Center Gallery in Sautee, Georgia, usually carries a good selection of Marge's work. She also teaches woodturning in her shop in northeast Georgia.

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