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genevieve summers climbing white oak treeWe offer safe guided tree climbing experiences for adults and children. We use special tree climbing equipment and gear that’s safe for both people and the trees. You’re invited to come to our tree climbing school in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains.

Or arrange for Genevieve Summers to come to your part of the world for a day, a weekend, or a week or two.

She brings all the tree climbing equipment. You bring your love of trees - and a desire for fun. The Dancing With Trees programs all combine both things: fun, and ways to deepen your connection with trees.

You need only your desire for the experience. No special skills or experience are required. Our youngest climber so far is four, our oldest so far, 81.

Most programs are arranged by appointment. Exceptions are occasional advanced courses and tree climbing expeditions.

We offer two kinds of experiences: adventures, and courses. Adventures are tree climbing experiences that focus on fun and connection alone. Courses add training in specific tree climbing skills, to enable you to use these skills after the course is done.


Programs for groups include introductory and longer tree climbs for camps, scout troops, schools, team building retreats, therapeutic wilderness camping, and more. Tree climbing is also a favorite teen party idea, popular with kids and adults as well. Community festivals and events can also feature tree climbing as a safe yet exciting activity.

Longer tree climbing adventures include half-day guided climbs, a favorite for couples and individuals who want a more rigorous climb. Or have an all-inclusive vacation in the north Georgia mountains – or your favorite tree spot – sleeping high in the trees. Venture further by participating in a tree climbing expedition.

None of these tree climbing adventures require any prior experience. The goal is to get you safely into the trees so you can experience the joy of it. No special strength is required.

Tree Climbing Courses:
If you want to continue climbing trees on your own, you'll need professional training in specific tree climbing skills. So Dancing With Trees also offers basic and advanced courses. These courses are available for all skill levels.

These courses are physically demanding. No exceptional strength is required, but overall health and stamina need to be average or better. For special needs, please call or email.

The Basic Course is the place to start.  The Facilitator Training Course is available for those who want to run their own tree climbing programs. This is also good preparation for jobs in outdoor education or research.

Read more about programs, including Introductory Climbs, Adventure Travel Expeditions, the Girl Scout Badge, and Tree Climbing for Outdoor Research.



pictured above: Genevieve Summers in white oak tree, photo by Marge Felder


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for the next Facilitator Course

 With as few as 2 people,  a Facilitator Course can be scheduled in your own area.

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